Don’t Let Kanye Con Ye

Imagine driving in a neighborhood that’s heavily populated with discount  hookers and lined with cheap strip clubs. Now see Kanye West in that neighborhood standing at a bus stop in August in Atlanta wearing a fur coat! Unbelievable? Exactly. So why didn’t I realize I was dreaming.


My children and I are probably on our way to shop, I’m in the back seat of the car when I noticed some foolish man wearing a HUGE fur coat. While checking him out, I notice he looks a LOT like Kanye West. I didn’t say anything to my children; I only stared until I noticed that he was looking back as if to say, “Yeah, it’s me.” I yelled to my children that he was there. They saw the man in the coat but couldn’t identify the person. One of us suggested we circle back to see for sure.

When we returned to the spot, he was gone. (this part is foggy) Someone motioned for us to follow them to see where Kanye was. Now we’re all gathered in this one location along with other people who noticed him out there. I don’t know why we were sitting in this place waiting to see him — maybe it was a surprise concert, I’m not sure. What I do know is all of the passerby drivers and pedestrians were now being robbed. After they took all of our belongings, they let us go. When we returned to our car, it was on cinder blocks  and completely stripped. (no pun on the neighborhood) It wasn’t until then that I learned we had been scammed!

Of course I didn’t realize I was dreaming until I woke up.

When most people have strange dreams, we usually try to come up with a reason for it. I knew I hadn’t eaten anything too late or weird. I hadn’t seen Kanye or heard his music in months, if not years. I hadn’t been shopping in that area for a while so I couldn’t justify the randomness of the dream.So the next best thing for me is to get a lesson from it … I want to learn something from every experience I can’t explain. Here is the lesson I got:

When you are about your business and on your way to being productive, don’t get off course by useless distractions. No matter what the distraction is, Kanye or Kimye, it has nothing to do with you – especially  when you have to turn BACK or turn AROUND. It’s not even on your path, you’re supposed to be moving forward! See it and keep moving. If it’s not a part of your “dream”, it has nothing to do with you.

Because the message comes from a dream, realize that Kanye is only a symbol here. Notice distractions however they come, it can be a person, TV show (specifically a reality program), sleep, work, social media …. don’t get sidelined. Learn from my mishap in the dream, don’t be conned by Kanye!

6 thoughts on “Don’t Let Kanye Con Ye

  1. Wow Kissie!!!!! I love, love, LOVE this!!!!! I’ve been soooo distracted lately and you’ve shed some much needed light on it!!!

    Many thanks for sharing your great writing skills and your dream!!!!

    I love you girl!!!!


  2. Okay, the first thing that I thought before actually reading this is, “No she did’t see Kan Weazey and not tell me”. Then I said I better read this. I got the point after reading Toy Myhand’s comment. Yes, I’m a little to slow at times. I guess that I sometimes get distracted. No pun intended. Great Read!!

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