The ‘Cause of Your Cause

Why are you doing it? Why do you do it?

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Stand up for someone else!

The first is a question I was asked about an event I volunteered to participate in, fundraise for, and promote. The second is my questioning you.

Frankly I was offended. But, don’t you do that too … get mad initially and later do a self check; if you don’t yet, you will — that’s if you continue to mature. Life is a learning process, eventually what you learn – you will live. After I defended myself about my motive or lack thereof, I thought long and hard about the WHY.

Any time I ask my two-year-old granddaughter Kassidy, why she does something; 95% of the time the answer is

BECAUSE I want to

My KK!

I know how I feel or respond to her when she gives me this answer so if it doesn’t fly with a tot, then it definitely shouldn’t work in my life.

When I asked myself why I choose to volunteer my time, talents, and treasure when it comes to: Visiting strangers in prisons and spending time encouraging them, watching young babies and children in homeless shelters while their parents are in counseling sessions to help them make a positive transition for their families, serving those who need or even desire cooked meals during holidays, leaving a GOOD job for more than 10 years to go work for a cancer organization (for much LESS money)  just because I want to do something to HELP, and  participating in walks and relays in all kinds of weather ….

You know what I discovered the answer always is — P E O P L E, the answer is ALWAYS a person or people. Yes, most times I don’t know the people but when it boils down to it, there is a person somewhere in mind or at the beginning of the idea. If you’re reading this and don’t know me or know me well, let me tell you that I consider my God a loving and LIVING Being so even He is a Person. When I’m doing something when it comes to strangers, I would say the least common denominator is my love for my God.

The two causes that I am now standing for and fighting for, Cancer and HIV/AIDS; I can’t tell you that I would serve in those areas had 2 people I love dearly not have been affected. It is what it is. I can’t pretend I would do what I do by giving you the easy answer, because.

Because I love you!

I can tell you, however, that it’s not for those people’s affection or attention. One of them is dead anyway so I know he doesn’t know! And the other has a really busy life but I was called on my reason for serving and I had to admit that yes I do it because I love this person. What people fail to realize at times is when we are loved or when we love — action usually follows. Love is an action word. Love doesn’t mean (for real) that I’m doing this for you so YOU can see what I do and so YOU would acknowledge and do something for me — whatever that something is.

I don’t have to be offended any more. Like me or leave me, I do what I do BECAUSE of love. So what’s the ’cause of YOUR cause?

Serving the Homeless

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