Replace the hashtag name with any other previous name that would remind you of the same life lesson and cause you to respond when you hear it.

Painful, yes.

Alarmed, surprised, or fearful, certainly not. 

Progress, yes. 

Victory, maybe.  

Days after May 25, 2020 have been an incredibly difficult time for some and awakening for others around the world and mostly in the United States. The protests were powerful and inspiring, while the violence was disheartening. There should be no place in this world for racial injustice, so it is time (again) to come together to transform the disorder into a more equitable and fair society. 

As an optimist, I start with myself by following the platinum rule; treat people the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated. My primary core value is love and that is defined by how I view you. If I view you as the valuable person you are, it would be demonstrated in my actions. 

As a Black woman, I can’t speak for everyone with dark skin, but I believe a major step towards greater victory begins with staying strong, resilient, and treating EVERY member of our communities with respect and dignity. What a lovely world this could be if a hashtag carried life lessons.

Author: Just Kissie

Philanthropist, Left-Leaning, Living to Love, Vegan, Witty Purpose Driven Writer

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