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Start where you are.

It’s been said that when you lose something, you always find it in the last place you look. Obviously, but funny. Today I feel as though I found my solution at the end of my problem. You know how things just seem to CLICK. Things that have been there all along seem to appear out of nowhere. Why does it take us so long to realize what’s so simple?

As I write this, I cannot help by smile and laugh – probably because I know I’m not alone and that makes me feel human and relatable.

I was washing my dishes and listening to an audiobook when I remembered I hadn’t yet done the things I know have been in my heart and on my mind to do. Yet, I constantly pray and ask God to do His part while refusing to do mine.

I’m praying for a visa and praying that God will save and protect my marriage by allowing us to reunite quickly. Months ago, I felt in my spirit that since I married a man younger than me that I need to take care of my health and body to enjoy a longer life with him. I lied and said I would do just that – get my body in shape and make healthier choices daily. Instead, I dabbled in fads and made excuses or plain ignored what I should do and surrendered to laziness.

I also knew that what I’m experiencing now due to this visa delay, many others are tackling the same problem but without the joy I have inside. So, I decided to encourage all who care to hear and want to grow through this season of life. I won’t keep my deliverance and joy to myself. I’m full. I’m married to a Moroccan and all they do (from what I’ve witnessed) is share! In keeping with that custom, I’ll do the same.

Finally, I think because I’ve been so bored and frustrated in waiting and the enemy of my soul couldn’t attack me in too many ways – I’ve been loose in my spending habits. Spending very unnecessarily. I’m done with promising God, my children, and myself that this is the last month I will be wasteful. I have enough perfume, sneakers, gadgets, books, music, purses, and athletic wear. The line is drawn.

What have you been commissioned to do while you wait on what you’ve been praying for? How long will you wait to do what you should while you wait? As much as I don’t want to prolong my blessing and deliverance, I don’t want to prolong the things I need to do. I’ve started. And I’ve taken away your excuse. Follow my example, don’t put it off. Let’s go!